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Hello all, I am hoping that everyone is enjoying the summer weather, if you have it that is.  Good news is that I moved into a new place finally and after a weeks worth of time access to the internet is granted again.  So many problems, so little time.  With that all fixed, I'm hoping to be back into the way of things.  Sad to say though an update won't be expected or probable until the near end of July.  Most of the work I was in the middle of was lost or corrupted.  Still don't have a new computer but I will make sure to get new works out there for you all to enjoy.  To those who read this that asked me for an image or a story to be worked, I have to restart where I was at and try again.  Sorry for the delays but then again it was free so no worry.  I'll try my best to get it done and if that's possible you'll probably see it when I can update.

Looking forward to updating and browsing through all the well accomplished works of the other deviants so I can fave and comment on them.  Take care everyone and have a good day.  I usually am in a chat somewhere to discuss any ideas or possible works late night eastern time; aka midnightish lol.

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As always no problem you do a great job with photoshop.
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Thanks, I appreciate that. ^^
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W00T! Final Fantasy Tactics and WG on one page, this is like unbelievable! Definitely watching you sir!
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Thanks! They are both great subjects. ^^
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Happy 4th, man!
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No problem you're a talented artist/writer.
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